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Since 1999, the very best Sam4S back office package....   Pub or Bottle Shop, Grocery Store, General Retail, Snack Bar, School Store, Coffee Shop, Franchises. Compare our pricing, many years of experience and capability; you will not be disappointed!




SamPOSNR full back office functionality for Sam4S NR-500 Series Cash Registers at the most competitive pricing in the industry.  multi-register, multi-site capable as standard, ALL features included at one low price.                          

SamPos Express full back office functionality for Sam4S 380, 380M, 390, 390M, 420, 420M, 430, 430M, 5200, 5200M, 600, 650 at the most competitive pricing in the industry.  multi-register, multi-site capable as standard, ALL features included at one low price.                          

$950 per business: (No limit cash registers, Selling Areas, Stock Locations ) 


Available for download here are full working latest versions (No customer or Credit Card information asked for or required) . After 30 days, if you wish to purchase you may contact us for a registration code for the one price.

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Download SamPOSNR



Download SamPOS Express

.: Intruducing SamPOSNR for NR-500 Series Cash Registers

22 May 2019: SamPOSNR released for the new NR-500 series Sam4S cash registers. Supports both USB and serial communications to the till.

.: Minor Service Updates

07 March 2017: Resolve problem exporting products to text file. (replace OPEN button with SAVE)

27 May 2016:  Improve Windows 10 compatibility and improve simplicity to make life easier for new users.

.: Label update.

1 Nov 2010:  New Lable print documents available as the old J7420 and J 4721 have been discontinues by Avery.

Grab them right here >>> Avery Label code  L6113  and  Avery Label code  L7173

.: Mix Match now Included.

2 Oct 2010:  Mix & Match is now included for all models from the ER230 right through to the ER-600's. Please note: MixMatch must be set to 99 at the register.

.: Latest Features and Fixes

3 Apr 2010:  Recommended Reorder Report by Supplier added and formatted in such way that you can staple it to your letter head and use it as a purchase order for each of your suppliers.

The Electronic Journal from the ER-650 is now libraried on disk in text format for audit. As new ECR's come on stream later this year, this new feature will be included in all higher end ECR's

 A full audit has been done against every register in the range to ensure perfect comms compatibility with all the new EPROM changes instituted in the tills over this last year.

For those wishing fast and comprehensive support a "submit bug" entry is now listed under HELP. Clicking this will email to us your concern, a copy of the activity log and also your data file all in one button click. If you need help we now can give you peace of mind FAST because this gives us everything we need to get to the bottom of any issue.

.: Technical Advisory

23 Mar 2010:  USB to Serial converters need to be of a model using the PROLIFIC chipset. These converters are also available from Goodson Australia. Serial communication cables also need to be shielded serial cable for any hard wired or lengthy run. CAT5 cable in some cases just wont cut it and you can end up with an intermittent comms problems nightmare.

.: Introducing improvements to Stock Control.

01 Sept 2009: UNIT/PKG relationships and RECIPE building has been enhanced making this perfect for small liquor outlets and pubs. A few other minor improvements to global changes such as FAMILY selections now included. Also accounting periods now automatically add themselves as they fall due.

A completely free utility is also available for system installers. Serial Port Tester to list what and where the COM ports exist on a computer. Grab it HERE

 user but only through the trusted Sam4S dealer network. 

.: Thank you!

Thank you for choosing SamPOS. If you have any questions or need help, visit the support page for a user guide or contact us directly by email for anything you may need.

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